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9 Journal Prompts for Capturing the Abstract Areas of Your Attention

When it comes to personal productivity and fulfillment, I have found my journal to be one of the killer features of my system that enables me to capture and clarify the more mundane and ambiguous items that grab and pull … Continue reading

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Using the “Fun Theory” to Improve an Everyday Process

Recently Volkswagen created a great ad campaign to inspire people to do normal but healthy everyday tasks. The basic premise was how fun could be used to alter or change people’s decision and increase participation in that particular activity. Among … Continue reading

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Practicing the Art of Influence Without Authority

I recently attended an advisory board meeting as part of my management role with the Organizational Leadership masters program at the University of Denver’s School for Professional and Continuing Studies (University College). Among the many interesting topics we discussed regarding … Continue reading

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A New Metaphor for Work/Life Balance

Photo courtesy of Renzo Ferrante When we speak of balance and harmony in our lives, we often view it as an either/or paradigm between work and life: if I work too much, then I have too little time for my … Continue reading

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Design Thinking & Business School Reform

As a result of the recession, many business schools are pondering the role they played in the largest financial crisis of our generation. One such entity that has taken bold steps to think differently about how to prepare future business … Continue reading

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