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Running is my prayer. God is my coach.

Today while running I was drafting this post, as I often do while running. Amongst other things I work on and sort out. I was thinking about how much I love to run. Thinking about its new established place in my life: my health, my mental health, my marriage, my identity and in my spirituality. I have been running for over a year now since the birth of my baby girl. I have logged over 300 miles.

I started running to put humpty dumpty back together again as I often joke. And now…

I run for so many reasons.

Today, I was thinking about how therapeutic it is. How much I work through as I run. Whatever is going on in life. I work it out. I let go, I run harder when I am angry or feel helpless, hopeless or out of control. Running is more than therapy though. For me, it’s prayer. It’s my prayer in motion.

As I run, my arms are at my sides hands open loose and facing the earth. As I run, I move forward. If I fight my body I can’t run fast or efficiently and I get tired too quickly. As I clear out my head, I slowly start to feel lighter, stronger, faster.

My body reflects what I need out of that run. Sometimes.

I talk to God while I run. And nearly 100% of the time, when I am finished running I feel peace. Holistic peace. In my body and in my mind. I have resolutions. I feel like a better person. Perhaps that means that God is talking to me too, giving me feedback and guidance. Gracing me with perspective.

I think about being an athlete and how important a coach is when you are an athlete. When you have a goal for victory or improvement.  Success, any success, rarely can be achieved in isolation without input, feedback and encouragement. I believe this to be true and I have lived it. And so many greats pay homage to this truism.

God is my coach. Coaching me through my wildly variant feelings, my negative self talk, the question marks that hang over my decisions, my deepest struggles and creates a path towards my best self, the vision of wild success and good humanness I want for myself. God moves me through it all as I move my body…ever forward.

Running distracts and occupies my body long enough to allow a spirituality to take hold and seize my thoughts, feelings and higher self. Running is my prayer in motion. It moves me. God is my coach. Running occupies my body so that God can take hold of the rest of me. And He moves me. I am learning to just keep moving forward. In life. In all things.

Yep, I love me some runnin’. Partly because it scares the shit outta me. What I am capable of. What it opens me up to. What God needs to tell me. What I have to confess, get real about, confront. What is possible. If nothing else, it keeps me moving forward.

What keeps you moving forward?

Ease Your Aching Back


I have tossed and turned the last several nights. My back hurts. The kind of hurt where if you move the wrong way, you gasp and freeze and pain shoots into your guts. Okay, that might not be accurate. I tend to be dramatic sometimes. But you get it, back pain. We have all had it. Anyway, I read this little ditty of a tip a few weeks ago on a blog I am in love with, Mama and Baby Love, and let me tell you, IT WORKS.

So, first, raid your dogs toy basket, go on a walk by a tennis court or run to your closest Target and get yourself a tennis ball. I raided our Golden Retriever, Zoe’s basket of balls.

Zoe's Basket o' Balls

Next, lay on the floor, put the ball between you and the floor and rub those knots right out of your life. Its not exactly comfortable while doing this activity mind you, but you will thank yourself later.

The only thing I did differently is not use a sock. Not sure what the sock actually does, but I was eager to try the tennis ball trick and before I invested my time in finding a sock that worked, I plopped down on my dog hair covered floor and started working out my back knots. Ahhh. Still worked like a charm.

Give it a try and let me know if it works for you!


In related news, as I am writing this post, my sweet husband send me a great article on Cheap Ways to Relieve Your Aching Back from another of our favorite blogs, Get Rich Slowly. Perhaps I have underestimated just how much complaining to my husband tossing and turning I have done the past few nights. Sorry, honey.

In not-so-related news, Sofie just slept 2.5 hours, which helped facilitate the writing of this blog post. Thank you, honey. I hope you still sleep tonight.