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Thanksgiving…and thanks getting…

Turkey, pumpkin and ear of corn

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year…well, to be honest, I have many favorite times of year. This one, though, brings to life my favorite value and virtue, gratitude.

This morning on the Today Show, there was a segment on instilling family values in children (click here to watch the clip). They mentioned gratitude, but it was second on the list, which was ill placed in my opinion. I believe gratitude comes first and fuels all other values, principles and virtues.

While Thanksgiving conjures up tastes like mom’s homemade gravy and the cranberry jelly from the can (my favorite!) and pecan pie; memories like the year when my mom got my sisters and brother and I matching sweat suits which we all wore proudly; it also kindles the great spirit of gratitude. Sharing thanks for what we have, for each other-both giving thanks and receiving thanks.

Gratitude begets appreciation and validation and…and…and… See, in my mind gratitude is the origin of giving and of getting.

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

What’s in a blog…

I have been thinking about (and not using) my blog for the past year…literally a year.

Last Fall I decided I wanted to start a blog to capture and share all the things in my world in a fun and personal way. I wrote fervently about all the things I wanted to write about and captures pages and pages of notes, an outline. Then I hesitated. I started to think about if this should be a semi-public journal or if I should strive to be a resource to others like myself out there with a wide array of interests (like food and cooking, gardening, personal finance, Golden Retrievers, reading, the library, and on and on). And I stopped, because I couldn’t answer that question.

So, I did what I always do. I read. About how to blog and why and the ingredients to successful blogging? Here’s an article that I found helpful:

Manage Your Life, wrote, How to start a successful blog, and offered 7 tips:

  1. Pick a platform. Done. Thank you, Brian and WordPress.
  2. Pick a theme. This is where I am struggling, I think. I want to reserve the right to write…about whatever interests me. I think this is where I am defining myself, well my blog as not hitting a niche. This might relegate my work to be only read by my family, which I think I am ok with.
  3. Pick a name. Done, but again it reinforces that my niche is me, not a theme, like personal finance or sewing or gardening, but all of these, at my whim.
  4. Pick a logo. Hmm. Not sure about this. Other than my name in my own font and color, perhaps.
  5. Site design. I know a little HTML, but not much. And my husband is a wizard at all this, if I decide to change things here and there.
  6. Track your readership. Great idea and I just added this feature.
  7. Market yourself. I think I won’t until I get into it a bit more and grow into my own blog style.

Overall, this was very helpful to share and think through and I answered my own dilemma. My blog is more for me than for a business. If it turns in that direction (as a business or recourse), then great, but for now, I will share my blog when it makes sense to me, but that’s not my goal.

Another thought: did you know that “blog”-the word-is a contraction of the words “web” and “log” and according to masternewmedia.org, “a blog is a log of your thoughts, ideas, useful links, photos, videos, or the latest news.

There you have it. And here is my blog, Mia’s Playground.