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Digital Journaling on My Own Little Mac

I decided today to start a digital journal. Something I have been resistant to for a while now and I am not sure why. Part of me wonders if my hesitation or now bubbling excitement to start this digital journal can be chalked up to having a pretty little, brand new macbook all to myself.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have been blessed with the great fortune of having been provided with new computers for as along as I have been a working professional. Not only new ones, in the last few years, new mac’s-the computer snob in me gloats!

But as I have made tremendous, jolting, God-inspired changes in my life in the last few months-resigning from my comfortable job and Denver community and life to start a new job in a new industry in a new city in a new region of the country (which feels as times like its own unique world)-I afforded myself the luxury of my very own MacBook Pro 13 inch laptop…and its glorious!

Now the subtext of this entry is that I have also always been blessed to share a home computer with my tech savvy, brilliant, gorgeously introverted husband. He is kind and sensitive and generous and spends an immeasurable amount of time on “our” iMac. Tweeking, organizing, downloading stuff, reading articles and all the other secret things those on the extreme side of the introvert scale do when no one is watching.

I don’t mind and in fact I directly benefit from his organizing and cyber-hunting and gathering activities that remain relatively veiled to me. BUT (and you knew that was coming) I rarely get a turn on “our” home computer.

So today’s thought is about my gratitude for my very own little macbook pro 13 inch laptop and the freedom that comes with sitting on it as long as I want. Its mine.

And now I just can’t get a few things to work and don’t know how my sweet husband does what he does to make “our” computer work so well. Maybe he will spend some time on my macbook too.

Marriage is funny like that.