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Taxo and Feeling a Little Behind

Today, I had the distinct feeling that I am behind, in planning, reading, and preparing for this baby. And like most feelings, its mixed in with complicated thoughts and goings on in life…

I miss our Denver house and have been grieving the dreams I had of our life there as parents and things like turning our study into the nursery. And now, comes the strange reality that we are not sure where we will live and what if any nursery might look like. So, where I thought I would be putting energy in preparation is not possible anymore.

This move to New Orleans has been anything but perfect and nothing less than purposeful and a lesson in faith. Being pregnant has proved to mirror those exact feelings I have about our move.

I found out last week that two local friend are both pregnant too and within a month of when I am due…how amazing is that! I feel truly blessed and blown away that my sister and two local friends and I all get to share this experience. Amazing! (I have a feeling that word will show up a lot in the next year.)

And as we all start to compare notes and share resources and generally support one another, we are each thinking about different things and inevitably things I hadn’t thought of start to weigh heavily on me. My sister was worried about cats on her in-laws farm. Now, I am deathly afraid of my own cat and have taken to calling her “taxo.” For obvious reasons!