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Ina’s Chicken Salad…with a twist!

Today, I made Ina’s Chicken Salad for our lunches for the next few days. Her recipe is easy with simple ingredients and one of my favorites! Her method of roasting chicken for flavor and tender-ness is unbeatable in my experience: bone in breasts, olive oil, salt and pepper at 350 degrees for 40 minutes = perfect chicken. Perfectly flavorful, perfectly moist, perfectly chicken-y.

Although one thing you have to know about me is that I rarely do a recipe as it calls. I love to add a variation. I often love to mix a few recipes together or find some way to make it uniquely mine. Today, I added organic black grapes to this mix, not that its the most novel idea for chicken salad, but I wanted to add some sweetness and color. My mother taught me to eat my colors.  I planned to add walnuts too, but found that the celery was plenty crunch for my taste.

And as far as ingredients, I always or almost always buy all organic as well as cruelty free meats. (Food, Inc. the documentary along with everything Michael Pollan wrote has changed me forever!) And the tarragon is compliments of Jeanne and David’s divine garden. A truly wonderful and unsung hero in the herb world. (Note to self: find more ways to eat tarragon.)

Thanks to Foodtv.com and for or your viewing pleasure, especially all you interactive and visual learners:

Do you think about lunch the next day? Or plan your meals ahead?