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Modern Family

How Did She Know?

Roughly fifteen minutes after we found out we began envisioning our life as something totally new and different- a life of three instead of two…and a cat and golden retriever. Mid-way through this conversation my mother in law called from the beach. When Brian answered the phone, her first words, “Do you have something to tell me?” “What???” he thought to himself. Does she know something? Does the Facebook have a new mind reading feature and has already announced our news live?

She proceeded to tell Brian about the dream she had had the night before that we were pregnant.

Talk about a mother’s intuition. Whoa!

After that call, I began talking about how it could be a false test. That we needed to take it easy. Talk to a doctor. Take a dozen other home tests. Then go to the doctor and have them run several other tests. I realize now that I was simply not ready to face this irreversible, totally amazing, overwhelming, wonderful, life altering, frightening, beautiful news. I needed to hear it from the doctors lips.


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