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Hello Nausea!

Jeanne and David hosted a lovely party for the Cardiology fellows this past Sunday night, July 11th-a welcome barbeque at the house. It was great and the best part was a catered BBQ spread of ribs and chicken and pulled pork and pork n’ beans, cole slaw. Delicious!

I ate ribs with extra BBQ sauce-I ate too many. Yum! Later that night I was not feeling well, in fact totally uncomfortably irreparably nauseous.

That nausea stuck with me day in and day out, mildly there for the next several days, that turned into a week, then two, then I lost count. It seemed to just be there, stay there and linger. I would feel hungry and nauseous at the same time and eating didn’t make it go away, nor did I ever stop feeling hungry. Somewhat of a torturous dynamic.

It is beginning to occur to me that this might not be about the BBQ ribs afterall…

I laid down a lot. Before long, my mild nausea was accompanied by near death fatigue and piercing headaches. I typically would heal this with falling to the couch after work and staying there until it was acceptable to put pajamas on and get in bed.


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