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From the doctors mouth.

I needed to hear our news from a licensed professional. After all, all I did was pee on a stick. How accurate, scientific or official can that be?

That Monday, July 5th, I had the day off of work and we had wanted to go explore Brian’s new campus and have breakfast Uptown to get a feel for what our life might be like living near campus. Brian started work that next Friday on the 9th and our idea was to love close to campus when we moved her and got settled.

As we drove to campus, we decided on breakfast at the Oak Street Cafe and dreamily talked about the possibility of our new life as parents. Elated and unsure, I was not ready to fully go there. After walking around campus on our way back to Old Metairie, we stopped at Walgreens thinking it would be, well, prudent to get more pregnancy tests.

I took two more tests, both positive. Time to call the doctor.

On Tuesday afternoon, I called the OB/GYN deptartment at Ochsner and asked to make the soonest appointment, that I thought I might be pregnant. And in my normally chatty, overly sharing ways, I launched into our life story about how we had just moved from Denver and didn’t have our own doctors yet and weren’t planning to get pregnant…the lady who answered the phone interupted me mid-babble and asked if I had taken an at home test. Yes, I had. Was it positive. Yes, it was. Actually I took three. Were they all positive. Yes, they were. Well, congratulations! Silence.

Well, can I still come in to see the doctor? I am sure you all have more sophisticated, official tests that I need to take. No, our tests are the same as those at home tests, essentially and they rarely give you a false positive. Very rarely three. Oh, okay, thank you.

We set up an appointment some three or four weeks later on July 19th. At that appointment, I get checked in under the premise that I think i am pregnant (I have strong stubborn genes) and wait, then get weighed in, pee in a cup, and wait for the doctor. Regular exam, any questions so far? Um, no. The appointment is coming to a close. And I start to think, maybe I am not pregnant. So, I launch in…

I’m sorry, Dr., so am I pregnant? I mean, do you need to take a blood test or something? Oh, yes, you’re pregnant, congratulations!

Oh, um, how do you know?

Sometimes the truth sets in slowly.


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