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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Pregnancy has been such an adventure, a process of self discovery, body image issues, fear, joy-you name it, its been a ride. One of the greatest moments has been the realization that I am not only pregnant, but being prepared to become a mother. Moving from self to other; from me to baby; from me to we and all within my own body. (Not to mention the transformation within my marriage with my best friend-that’s another post!) In this process, one of the most revealing joys, however, has been my memories of my own childhood-remembering and connecting with how I was raised and all the mothering I received.

I hear my mother’s loving and all-knowing voice in my head as I walk through this process. Things that used to eventually annoy me by matter of the shear number of times I heard her repeat her lessons, I can start to recognize as the most important life lessons that she was teaching me. My mother was and is a natural teacher. A guide, a principle in so many arenas. I didn’t recognize this as pure genius as a child, definitely not as a teenager, more so as a young adult and now, as I enter into becoming a parent…I know for a fact, she is pure genius.

The lessons from my mother are vast, ones that I don’t realize are there, that I would be hard pressed to recount if you asked me on the spot. Not until I need them. And when I need them, there they are, there she is-her voice fills me and I find myself being mothered at the exact moment I need it…that I need her. Today’s post title, “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme” is an example of that.

When Brian or I start to feel crummy with headaches, sore throats and other accompanied cold symptoms or if its a chilly day or we are feeling worn down, before I think through remedies I hear myself sing-song these words: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. I scrounge through the fridge to see what ingredients we have to make a chicken soup. The perfect remedy. Whether at the grocery store or in the fridge or garden, I sing these four words as she used to in her humming tone as I gather the chicken (a carcass that I usually keep in the freezer, remnants after we have baked a chicken for dinner-”never throw out a carcass”, another one of my mother’s lessons), carrots, celery, potato, egg noodles, and lots and lots of garlic-an entire head of garlic (another one of my mother’s lessons: “load up on garlic”). And then, of coarse, Parsley, Sage Rosemary and Thyme. Perfection.

Before you know it, I am eating soup, snuggled up and feeling loved and mothered…at the exact moment I need it.

I intend to share more of my mothers lessons as I continue to connect and appreciate them. There are so many.

What are your most cherished lessons from your mother?


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  1. Wonderfully insightful post Mia. I remember being eight months pregnant with Scarlett and calling my sister Chris hysterical crying. I had been reflecting on my own childhood and coming to the realization that I was going to be a mother in just a few short months. I was so unsure about my ability to raise my children in a way that was reflective of our values as a couple. I really struggled for a couple of weeks.

    Then Scarlett was born and I realized that the love for her was more powerful than anything I could imagine. I knew eveerything was going to be alright and that my mothering would come from that indescribable energy source of unconditional love. So I guess I am just saying that I remember experiencing the same emotions.

    As far as my mother, the greatest thing she has given to me is my sense of faith and spirituality. I joke around all the time about being raised Catholic and how brainwashing felt natural, but man did I learn how to pray, worship and believe from her. She taught me to never, ever, ever give up on anything. You know this too, having been raised by a single mom. This sense of spirituality, faith and belief in a divine plan has helped me tremendously during this difficult year. Without the visualization that God is carrying me on his back during these troubling times, I most certainly would have faltered and given up. Thanks for posting this and helping me revisit an important teaching from my mother!

    Posted by Elizabeth | 01. Jan, 2011, 8:11 am

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