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Sofie Drops a Beat

Sofie, now 12.5 months old and an official toddler, is a proven, most-superb dancer. For those of you who are dancers (and by dancers I mean those who can’t resist a good beat, whose bodies move as if on their own accord, cosmically connected to the intoxicating movement of music), you would love this kid. She’s a booty shaker.

Recently, we went to campus to pick up my husband to run an errand as a family and we arrived early and found ourselves walking around campus waiting for “daddy”. While waiting, an undergraduate student drove by in his presumable parent sponsored brand new white two door BMW with the windows rolled down blasting some dubstep. As soon as she heard the beat, Sofie stopped in her tracks, momentarily distracted from hunting for leaves to pick up and put in her mouth, to raise her hands, stick her butt out and shake her bootay side to side. Buh, buh, buh. Dropping a beat, toddler style. I could not have been prouder in that moment!

I had a feeling I would really like this kid. I had a feeling when…

  • her first cry was a pouty bottom-lipped, square chinned inhale
  • she we would raise her hands  above her head in a classic “praise Jesus” kind of way every time she wasn’t swaddled to fall asleep
  • she was an enthusiastic eater of all amazing things (think kale, spinach, beats, salmon) as early as a 6 month old
  • her first acknowledgement of our Golden Retriever was a deep and full body belly laugh that lasted most of an evening
  • as soon as she was mobile she was a fast study as a tremendously talented cat tail puller (poor kitty!)
  • she started using a defunct remote controller as a phone that she holds to her ear with her shoulder, arm raised out in front of her walking around the room, babble talking followed by bursting laughs out loud as if in the midst of a hysterical conversation with her best friend

Yes, I fall in love with her more and more every few minutes. She and I share some pretty fun, quirky traits. God clearly has a great sense of humor!


One Response to “Sofie Drops a Beat”

  1. I couldn’t be prouder of BOTH of you!!

    Posted by Mama~Nana~Rox | 28. Mar, 2012, 12:30 am

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