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Take a walk!

When I feel overwhelmed, stuck, stir crazy or just plain crazy…I take a walk. Sometimes I run. Sometimes both.

But let me tell you, it works. Perhaps the cure-all is simply a change of scenery. Or maybe the outdoors really do have magical properties. I think both are true. I also think movement, forward movement is sublimely therapeutic. When you can’t psychologically, emotionally or even spiritually progress, physical movement engages all those other areas and more.

Its also a chemical thing. Science tells us that walking elevates your mood and brings strong feelings of happiness. Increasing our serotonin, the feel good chemicals…(Read more about that here.)

My family growing up were always big walkers. My mom race walked and was an early morning walker for most of my life. My aunt has walked every day of her life it seems. My husband and I are walkers too. Especially since we got our dog, our beloved Golden Retriever puppy and bought a house one block from the most gorgeous park to every grace the earth. A dog and a slice of heaven are the perfect enticement for even those who are not self proclaimed walkers.

On our family walks, my husband and I talk, vent, dream, vision, fight, strategize, laugh, problem solve, and sometimes we just silently walk hand in hand, enjoying a beautiful day and the calm of being in each others company. Our family walks are therapeutic and have become our informal family meetings in motion.

Growing up, my mom, who was always juggling more than any one human I had ever known (as a single mom to 4 kids with a 10 year age span between us), had a saying, “15 minutes counts”. Even on her busiest days, she made an effort to find time for herself, to take just 15 minutes, if that was all she could spare to take a walk. That mantra sticks with me, especially now that I am a mother.

What do you do when you are feeling stuck or crazy? Do you think you could build in walks into your daily life?


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